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HotSpotClicker for JAWS For Windows
Build 241

HotSpotClicker is a free set of jaws scripts which you can use in conjunction with any application to provide increased accessibility and convenience. You can define locations on the screen where mouse clicks need to be performed, or where there is information you want spoken, and, if you like, associate that location with a hot key. When you press the hot key, the click is performed, or the information is spoken. You can also create a hot key to set focus on a particular control, and even implement custom tab ordering for applications that do not honor the tab key, or override the tab handling presently implemented in the application.

This is especially helpful with applications which do not provide keyboard accessibility, where mouse clicks are required, but can also be used to make keyboard accessible applications operate much more conveniently.

It also contains a means of assigning spoken prompts to controls, similar to, but different than the prompt manager in JAWS. This can help deal with situations where you tab to a control, but jaws speaks the wrong label, or speaks the incorrect information.

You can use HotSpotClicker in addition to any custom scripts you already have for an application, as long as the custom script source, the JSS file, exists on your system. If you do not have the jss file, as is sometimes the case with proprietary scripts, you can only use HSC if the script developer has installed the necessary hooks.

If you are a proprietary script developer, and want to make your scripts HSC-ready: Download Instructions are included in this .zip file.

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HotSpotClicker development has thus far been a labor of love, and has involved thousands of hours of dedicated work. if you have a PayPal account, you can donate to support HotSpotClicker development by sending cash to:
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Use the next few links to read the detailed documentation, or to download the HSC installer. The installer will place the scripts files in your user-specific settings area of jaws, and will make HSC generally available. The documentation, which will be placed in the HotSpotClicker section of your programs folder under the start menu, describes the manual steps you will need to perform in order to integrate HSC with each application.

HotSpotClicker is 64-bit ready. The same installer works on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Read the quick start guide Read the monstrously detailed documentation

Build 241 fixes very lengthy processing chores that were failing to complete in jaws 16 or later. This only applied to very large hotspots sets, when performing such processes as licensing a set, applying offsets, or converting positioning modes to application plus window relative.

Click below to download build 242. The installer covers 32 and 64 bit systems. Download HotSpotClicker 242 Original installer,

If the installer tells you that you already have HSC on ytour system, tell it that you do not want to remove HSC first. There are some installer problems, and it will eventually tell you that hsc was successfully not removed, which will see to make no sense, but seems to work. . Once you get through that, the regular installation can safely be performed over the top of your existing installation. If you have keys that do not work as expected, or sounds that do not play, please contact


Audio Graphing, second generation - Audio Demo Link To the page used in the Audio Graphing demo

Chaining Browser Audio Demo Stereo Audio Demo: HSC and MSA Objects An audio demo of creating a hotspot Menu Spot failures, a list of most common reasons why HotSpots Fail.

Known issues

A list of known issues, (if there are any), and maybe some usage tips, can be viewed here at : The HotSpot Zone

Looking for HSC sets for your applications? You will find them on:

The HotSpot Sets Page

Feeling brave? Then checkout the sets people are presently developing on the:

HSC Beta Sets Page.

Audio PodCasts of people setting up and using HotSpotClicker can be obtained here. When listening to the Sonar demonstration, realize that the JSonar scripts already have support for HotSpotClicker built into them. Choose from the following:

Download Victor Tsaran's Podcast ON Installing HSC And Importing HSC Sets for Sonar 6 (12.8mb).


Download the author's Podcast On Using HotSpotClicker (6.95mb).


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