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Welcome To the HSC Sets Page ON

On this page, you will find links To various hsc sets pages and links to a brief podcast by Victor Tsaran, explaining how to install HSC and intograte HSC sets, into your applications. There are also links to the HotSpot Clicker documentation and download pages.

A number of individuals have contributed to the HotSpotClicker project. for more information, checout the:

Credits page

You can read all about HotSpotClicker and get detailed HSC documentation from the

HSC WebPage.

If you wish you can:

Download Victor's Podcast ON Installing HSC And Importing HSC Sets (12.8mb).


Download Jim Snowbarger's Podcast On Using HotSpotClicker (6.95mb).

all of the various HSC sets that were previously posted on this page, have been moved to their own pages. Links to all of the HSC sets pages, can be found below the "HSC Sets heading", on this page. All of the .HSC sets on the Sonar 5 and Stand-alone page, plus some of the sets on the Sonar 6 and beyond page, now have custom help written for them. All of the sets that have help written for them, have been placed in a list on each of the pages below a heading. The custom help for each of the sets, can be accessed with the .HSC keystroke, .hsc mods double H. HSC mods, is the Control Alt Key. In other words, if you aren't using the HSC mods key then, the whole keystroke would be, Control Alt Shift H, pressed twice quickly. The .HSC sets that have help written for them, have been repackaged into .zip files. You can download the individual .zip files or, all of the sets from a particular page in one package.

Remember that after you have downloaded the various hsc files then, you will need to place them in the following directory.

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\8.0\Settings\enu\Personalized Settings\folder name. Note: the last folder name, after the PersonalizedSettings folder, will vary. This is entirely dependent on which scripting package, you are using for accessing Sonar. In the case of

Cake Talking,

the folder name is:


HSC support, is only available for CT users, in versions of CT from Sonar 6 and beyond.

If you are using


then, this folder name, will vary with each version of Sonar. So, if you are using Sonar 7 then, the folder name will be:


If your using Sonar 6 then, the folder name will be:


If your using Sonar 5 then, the folder name will be:


You will find instructions for Automatic importing of HSC sets, under the importing hsc files heading, on this page. We recommend that you read the “known issues” headings for the various sets, on their pages that is, if there are any known issues, for the set in question. You can get HOTSpotClicker, directly from this website. All of the documentation and related files are now hosted here.

Please Consider Donating For The HSC Sets

The HSC sets on this page, have taken hundreds of Hours to create.

if you have a Pay Pal account, you can donate to HSC Set development by sending cash to:

Or, you can donate by clicking the donate button below. Please consider donating.

Remember that if you are using Pay Pal that Phil can only except contributions in British Pounds. I would like to thank those of you who have contributed thus far. It's much appreciated!

Feeling brave then, checkout the:

HSC Beta Sets Page.

Importing HSC Sets

You will need to run the HSC import wizard, once you have placed the various HSC files into the above-mentioned folders. You can get to the import wizard, by pressing HSC Mods, Shift function key F1, twice quickly. HSC mods, is the Control Alt Key. In other words, if you aren't using the HSC mods key then, the whole keystroke would be, Control Alt Shift F1, twice quickly. Note: remember that in the latest HotSpotClicker Build 190, it is now possible to import all sets at once. You will find that option in the above-mentioned import wizard.We would like to thank Jim Snowbarger, for implementing this new excellent feature!

HSC Sets

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The Sonar 5 Sets Page

The Stand-alone Sets Page

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